Diseases are abnormal conditions that have a specific set of signs and symptoms. Diseases can have an external cause, such as an infection, or an internal cause, such as autoimmune diseases.


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    Mental health clinicians, clients, and researchers have shown keen interest in using technology to support mental health recovery. However, technology has not been routinely integrated into clinical care. Clients use a wide range of digital tools and apps to help manage their mental health, but clinicians rarely discuss this form of self-management in clinical interactions. This absence of communication is concerning because the safety and quality of the digital tools and apps people use may negatively affect their mental health outcomes. Mental health systems could benefit from someone to help identify technology-based supports that reflect current evidence and minimize privacy and security concerns. This technology specialist may also enhance the therapeutic bond between the client and the clinician. In working with a technology specialist, clients may begin to gain a sense of control over their mental health, and perhaps use fewer mental health services.

    • Valerie A. Noel
    • , Elizabeth Carpenter-Song
    • , Stephanie C. Acquilano
    • , John Torous
    •  & Robert E. Drake
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    Metastasis, the migration of tumour cells from their primary site, is associated with poor prognosis. A molecule made during cell metabolism limits metastasis, revealing that this metabolite restrains cancer progression.

    • Lydia W. S. Finley
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    Six studies describe a role for TOX in promoting an ‘exhausted’ CD8+ T cell phenotype in settings of chronic antigenic stimulation, such as persistent viral infections and cancer.

    • Yvonne Bordon