Design, synthesis and processing

Design, synthesis and processing are areas of methodological research in physics, chemistry and materials science devoted to modelling and developing novel materials with desired structure, properties, or behaviour, from the atomic to the bulk material scale.

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    The realization of perovskite nanostructures featuring high emission efficiency and a wide Stokes shift is proving difficult, limiting their impact on luminescent solar concentration technology. Now, engineered exciton routing within multilayered perovskite nanoplatelets may open a path towards high-performing, low-loss devices.

    • Sergio Brovelli
    Nature Energy 4, 176-177
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    This year marks ten years of organic–inorganic perovskite solar cell research. Now, after achieving remarkable gains in performance, applications are starting to make their way out of research laboratories into the real world.

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    Two-terminal all-perovskite tandem structures are promising as low-cost yet highly efficient solar cells, but their development is limited by the poor quality of the low bandgap absorber layer. Now, a processing method has been shown to enable the production of uniform, thick tin–lead perovskite layers, which translate into improved photovoltaic parameters.

    • Henk J. Bolink
    Nature Energy 3, 1027-1028