Decision making is the process of choosing among alternatives associated with different outcomes. Deciding among multiple options can take the form of selecting a course of action or judging among ideas.

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    Recent human neuroimaging studies suggest that, in addition to its role in visuospatial and sensorimotor processes, the posterior parietal cortex (PPC) also plays an important part in episodic memory retrieval. Here, Sestieri, Shulman and Corbetta present a functional–anatomical model of the involvement of the PPC in memory retrieval.

    • Carlo Sestieri
    • , Gordon L. Shulman
    •  & Maurizio Corbetta
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    A study now finds that visual perceptual learning of complex features occurs due to enhancement of later, decision-related stages of visual processing, rather than earlier, visual encoding stages. It is suggested that strengthening of the readout of sensory information between stages may be reinforced by an implicit reward learning mechanism.

    • Yuka Sasaki
    •  & Takeo Watanabe