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    Credibility of long-term projection in quantitative models is continuously under debate and they rely on validation to prove projection accuracy. Here the authors investigated the views on the validation approaches and they show that empirical data plays an important role in the validation practice in all main areas of sustainability science.

    • Sibel Eker
    • , Elena Rovenskaya
    • , Michael Obersteiner
    •  & Simon Langan
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    Consumer adoption of more plant-based diets has high technical potential to reduce global GHG emissions. This study shows that consumers underestimate the GHG emissions associated with foods, but carbon labels that provide this information promote the purchase of lower-emitting options.

    • Adrian R. Camilleri
    • , Richard P. Larrick
    • , Shajuti Hossain
    •  & Dalia Patino-Echeverri
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    Organizations are social systems different from ecosystems and natural resources. Using social systems theory, and employing the concepts of emergence, resilience and scale, this Perspective presents management principles for pursuing sustainability across an array of organizational contexts.

    • Dror Etzion
  • Research | | open

    Early childhood educational intervention has positive outcomes in adulthood, including higher education attainment, economic status, and overall health. This study shows that adults who underwent such intervention have greater enforcement of equality norm during social decision-making, potentially motivated by future planning.

    • Yi Luo
    • , Sébastien Hétu
    • , Terry Lohrenz
    • , Andreas Hula
    • , Peter Dayan
    • , Sharon Landesman Ramey
    • , Libbie Sonnier-Netto
    • , Jonathan Lisinski
    • , Stephen LaConte
    • , Tobias Nolte
    • , Peter Fonagy
    • , Elham Rahmani
    • , P. Read Montague
    •  & Craig Ramey

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