Cytogenetics is the study of chromosomal structure, location and function in cells. It includes the study of chromosome number and appearance (karyotyping), the physical location of genes on chromosomes, and chromosomal behaviour in processes such as cell division.

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    Crossing over, or reciprocal recombination, is essential for accurate segregation of homologous chromosomes at the first meiotic division, resulting in gametes containing the correct chromosome number. A new study in human oocytes analyzes the genome-wide recombination and segregation patterns in all the products of female meiosis, providing experimental support for existing theories about the origin of human aneuploidies and highlighting a novel reverse segregation mechanism of chromosome segregation during meiosis.

    • Miguel A Brieño-Enríquez
    •  & Paula E Cohen
    Nature Genetics 47, 696–698
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    Targeted nucleases based on the CRISPR/Cas9 system can in some cases cleave at imperfectly matched 'off-target' sites.

    • Natalie de Souza
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    A new study in mice shows that, during meiosis, the decision to mature a double-strand break into a crossover is controlled by a dosage-sensitive regulator, RNF212. This finding provides insight into the crossover maturation process and may help explain how sequence polymorphisms in RNF212 alter the frequency of crossing over in humans.

    • Cathleen M Lake
    •  & R Scott Hawley
    Nature Genetics 45, 228–229