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    Lack of diversity in study populations, research methodologies and the researchers themselves undermines the goal of identifying and understanding the full range of human behaviour. Medin et al. argue that this system of non-diversity represents a crisis for the science of human behaviour.

    • Douglas Medin
    • , Bethany Ojalehto
    • , Ananda Marin
    •  & Megan Bang
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    Betsch and colleagues show that vaccination willingness is higher in cultures that focus on collective benefits. For cultures that lack this prosocial cultural inclination, communicating the concept of herd immunity improves willingness to vaccinate.

    • Cornelia Betsch
    • , Robert Böhm
    • , Lars Korn
    •  & Cindy Holtmann
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    The authors asked human participants to listen to and imitate randomly generated drumming sequences from each other. Participants turned initially random sequences into rhythmically structured patterns that are characterized by all six statistical universals found in world music.

    • Andrea Ravignani
    • , Tania Delgado
    •  & Simon Kirby

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