Cosmology is the study of the universe; its birth, evolution, and ultimate fate. This includes further developing and refining the prevailing model, the Big Bang theory, investigating the universe’s rate of expansion, and measuring radiation left over from the Big Bang, the so-called cosmic microwave background.

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    Fast radio bursts were discovered just over a decade ago, and their origin remains a mystery. Despite this disadvantage, astronomers have been using them to investigate the matter through which their bright, impulsive radiation travels.

    • Jean-Pierre Macquart
    Nature Astronomy 2, 836-838
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    Large cosmological datasets have been probing the properties of our Universe and constraining the parameters of dark matter and dark energy with increasing precision. Deep learning techniques have shown potential to be smarter than — and greatly outperform — human-designed statistics.

    • Zoltán Haiman
    Nature Astronomy 3, 18-19
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    David Hilbert famously argued that infinity cannot exist in physical reality. The consequence of this statement — still under debate today — has far-reaching implications.

    • George F. R. Ellis
    • , Krzysztof A. Meissner
    •  & Hermann Nicolai
    Nature Physics 14, 770-772
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    The location of nearly half of the ordinary matter in the Universe is unknown. X-ray observations suggest that this elusive ‘baryonic’ matter is hidden in the filamentary structure of the cosmic web.

    • Taotao Fang
    Nature 558, 375-376