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  • News and Views |

    The contributions of women to the development of the periodic table have long been overlooked. Claire Murray relates how the recent ‘Setting their table’ conference set out to highlight their prominent role in element discovery and use.

    • Claire A. Murray
    Nature Chemistry 11, 602-603
  • News and Views |

    The Women in Chemistry conference held on International Women’s Day was an opportunity to celebrate the varied careers of female chemists and showcase every step along the way. Suze Kundu emphasizes that successes, failures — and everything in between — are all intrinsically valuable.

    • Suze Kundu
    Nature Chemistry 11, 603-604
  • Comments and Opinion |

    It’s tempting to try to attend sessions morning, noon and night, network like crazy during every ‘spare’ minute and drink vats of coffee to stay alert. Paris H. Grey has more realistic suggestions to get maximum value from any conference.

    • Paris H. Grey