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    Carbon dioxide removal technologies may be needed to meet climate targets. In this study, national surveys and deliberative workshops in the United States and the United Kingdom show that carbon dioxide removal is perceived as too slow to address the immediate climate crisis while not addressing the root causes of climate change.

    • Emily Cox
    • , Elspeth Spence
    •  & Nick Pidgeon
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    | Open Access

    Individuals within social networks rarely observe the network as a whole; rather, their observations are limited to their social circles. Here we show that network structure can distort observations, making a trait appear far more common within many social circles than it is in the network as a whole.

    • Nazanin Alipourfard
    • , Buddhika Nettasinghe
    • , Andrés Abeliuk
    • , Vikram Krishnamurthy
    •  & Kristina Lerman
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    Opinions on climate policy in the United States are politically polarized. Here, survey research shows that opinion polarization on the Green New Deal developed rapidly due to decreasing support among Republicans, which was associated with exposure to conservative media and increasing familiarity with the policy.

    • Abel Gustafson
    • , Seth A. Rosenthal
    • , Matthew T. Ballew
    • , Matthew H. Goldberg
    • , Parrish Bergquist
    • , John E. Kotcher
    • , Edward W. Maibach
    •  & Anthony Leiserowitz
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    | Open Access

    Using agent-based models of a problem-solving task in a network, the authors show that clustering people of similar knowledge maintains solution diversity and increases long run system collective performance. Clustering those with similar abilities, however, lowers solution diversity and performance.

    • Charles J. Gomez
    •  & David M. J. Lazer

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