Cognitive neuroscience

Cognitive neuroscience is the field of study focusing on the neural substrates of mental processes. It is at the intersection of psychology and neuroscience, but also overlaps with physiological psychology, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. It combines the theories of cognitive psychology and computational modelling with experimental data about the brain.


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    The physical and social environment that surrounds us has a profound impact on our brains and behaviour. This impact is so fundamental that a complete understanding of neural mechanisms cannot be developed without taking into account the extensive interactions between neurobiology, psychology, behaviour and the environment.

    • Marc G. Berman
    • , Omid Kardan
    • , Hiroki P. Kotabe
    • , Howard C. Nusbaum
    •  & Sarah E. London
  • News and Views |

    In this issue of Nature Neuroscience, Kim and colleagues report that corticotropin-releasing factor neurons in the paraventricular nucleus, known essential regulators of the neuroendocrine axis, encode the valence of environmental stimuli through a bidirectional strategy and modulate animals’ immediate behavioral responses.

    • Rui Lin
    • , Ting Yan
    •  & Minmin Luo
    Nature Neuroscience 22, 508-510
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    Can the eye movements we make when there is nothing to look at shed light on our cognitive processes? A new study shows that tiny gaze shifts reveal people’s attended locations in memorized—rather than visual—space. The discovery indicates that the oculomotor system is engaged in the focusing of attention within the internal space of memory.

    • Susana Martinez-Conde
    •  & Robert G. Alexander