Cognitive ageing


Cognitive ageing is the decline in cognitive processing that occurs as people get older. Age-related impairments in reasoning, memory and processing speed can arise during adulthood and progress into the elder years.

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    A study shows that systemic adminstration of plasma from human umbilical cord counteracts ageing-induced impairment of hippocampal function in mice and identifies a key protein in plasma that confers such effects.

    • Darran Yates
  • News and Views |

    According to new research, oestrogen therapy in postmenopausal women is associated with ventricular enlargement and increased white matter hyperintensities in the brain, but not with cognitive decline. This disconnect between structural and functional effects suggests that brain-derived lipids can be harnessed to meet the bioenergetic demand imposed by normal cognition.

    • Roberta Diaz Brinton
  • News and Views |

    A new study suggests that the application of uniform diagnostic criteria for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) substantially reduces variation in MCI prevalence estimates. Refinement and harmonization of clinical and research criteria are essential milestones towards improved testing of therapeutic interventions aimed at curbing the epidemic of MCI and dementia.

    • Harald Hampel
    •  & Simone Lista
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Suspected non-Alzheimer disease pathophysiology (SNAP) is a biomarker-based concept that applies to individuals with normal levels of amyloid-β biomarkers in the brain, but in whom biomarkers of neurodegeneration are abnormal. Clinically normal and mildly impaired individuals with SNAP are at increased risk of poor clinical and cognitive outcomes. In this Perspectives article, Clifford Jack and colleagues describe the available data on SNAP and address topical controversies in the field.

    • Clifford R. Jack Jr
    • , David S. Knopman
    • , Gaël Chételat
    • , Dennis Dickson
    • , Anne M. Fagan
    • , Giovanni B. Frisoni
    • , William Jagust
    • , Elizabeth C. Mormino
    • , Ronald C. Petersen
    • , Reisa A. Sperling
    • , Wiesje M. van der Flier
    • , Victor L. Villemagne
    • , Pieter J. Visser
    •  & Stephanie J. B. Vos