Climate-change mitigation

Climate-change mitigation encompasses policies and activities intended to reduce the greenhouse gas forcing of the climate system. Key intervention points include: the reduction of greenhouse gas sources, for example by reducing deforestation; emissions, for instance low carbon energy generation; and enhancing greenhouse gas sinks, for example by changes in land use.

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    The Carbon Neutrality Challenge is an initiative to mitigate climate change, in which individuals estimate their CO2 footprint and then plant enough trees to offset it. Thousands of trees have been planted by volunteers in Hawaii who took the Carbon Neutrality Challenge.

    • Asryelle Mora Rollo
    • , Audrey Rollo
    •  & Camilo Mora
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    The world has changed this year under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns around the world have reduced energy demand, resulting in emissions declines, but what could the post-COVID-19 world look like — a return to normal, or will this start a transition?

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    Synergistically addressing local and global environmental damages rather than optimizing a specific aspect of the policy conundrum helps to effectively foster climate action in road transport while maintaining public acceptance and socially fair outcomes.

    • Felix Creutzig
    • , Aneeque Javaid
    • , Nicolas Koch
    • , Brigitte Knopf
    • , Giulio Mattioli
    •  & Ottmar Edenhofer
    Nature Climate Change 10, 591-594
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    Expectations for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure’s framework to drive climate action in the private sector are high, and there is growing interest in its relevance for guiding public sector climate action. However, consideration of the framework’s limitations is critical prior to public sector application.

    • Ian Edwards
    • , Kiri Yapp
    • , Sam Mackay
    •  & Brendan Mackey
    Nature Climate Change 10, 588-591