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Chemical education covers all aspects of teaching and learning chemistry. It encompasses methods used in devoted education institutes — including classroom lectures, demonstrations and laboratory activities — and also the broader topic of educating the public, whose misunderstanding of the topic can be detrimental to the progress of the discipline.

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    Creating exam questions is a skill. Understanding the anatomy of a question can help teachers write good questions and help students maximize their score.

    • Kristy Turner
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    A full grasp of chemistry requires students to be able to connect microscopic reality with symbolic representations. Immersive virtual reality provides a solution for those who need a tangible link between these representations.

    • Simon J. Lancaster
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    Threshold concepts are the tricky ideas that underpin so much knowledge. In teaching them, it is important to recognize that a correct answer is not necessarily evidence of understanding.

    • Niki Kaiser
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    QR Chem is a free resource that enables teachers and researchers to link audiences directly to three-dimensional renderings of molecules.

    • Johnny Dang
    • , Brian Lin
    • , Julia Yuan
    • , Shawn T. Schwartz
    • , Rishabh M. Shah
    •  & Neil K. Garg
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    It is time for chemistry learning to be reoriented through systems thinking, which offers opportunities to better understand and stimulate students’ learning of chemistry, such that they can address twenty-first century challenges.

    Integrating systems thinking into chemistry education involves the contextualization of chemistry concepts. This will allow us to better understand how students learn, and will also equip them to tackle the many and varied challenges we face as a society.

    • Peter G. Mahaffy
    • , Alain Krief
    • , Henning Hopf
    • , Goverdhan Mehta
    •  & Stephen A. Matlin