Cell biology


Cell biology is the discipline of biological sciences that studies the structure, physiology, growth, reproduction and death of cells. Research in cell biology uses microscopic and molecular tools and examines all cell types, from unicellular organisms such as protozoa to the specialised cells that consitutute multicellular organisms.


Latest Research and Reviews

  • Research | | open

    Hippo-YAP pathway plays an important role in cancers; however the in vivo relevance of YAP/TAZ target genes is unclear. Here, the authors show that NUAK2 is a target of YAP and participates in a feedback loop to maximize YAP activity. Inhibition of NUAK2 suppresses YAP-driven hepatomegaly and liver cancer growth, offering a new target for cancer therapy.

    • Wei-Chien Yuan
    • , Brian Pepe-Mooney
    • , Giorgio G. Galli
    • , Michael T. Dill
    • , Hai-Tsang Huang
    • , Mingfeng Hao
    • , Yumeng Wang
    • , Han Liang
    • , Raffaele A. Calogero
    •  & Fernando D. Camargo
  • Research | | open

    DNA2 encodes a 5′ flap DNA endonuclease involved in replication and DNA double strand break processing. Here the authors by using a conditional degron system together with electron microscopy characterize the role played by Dna2 and Pif1 helicase during unperturbed DNA replication in S. cerevisiae.

    • Silvia Emma Rossi
    • , Marco Foiani
    •  & Michele Giannattasio
  • Research | | open

    A steep gradient of Cdc42 is at the front of migrating cells, whereas the active Rac1 gradient is graded. Here the authors show that Cdc42 gradients follow the distribution of GEFs and govern direction of migration, while Rac1 gradients require the activity of the GAP β2-chimaerin and control cell speed.

    • S. de Beco
    • , K. Vaidžiulytė
    • , J. Manzi
    • , F. Dalier
    • , F. di Federico
    • , G. Cornilleau
    • , M. Dahan
    •  & M. Coppey
  • Research | | open

    3D super-resolution imaging of dynamic processes in live cells is still challenging, especially in a large field of view. Here the authors combine SIM with multi-angle evanescent light illumination and achieve improved lateral and axial resolution, with stack acquisition time in the range of 1–2 s.

    • Youhua Chen
    • , Wenjie Liu
    • , Zhimin Zhang
    • , Cheng Zheng
    • , Yujia Huang
    • , Ruizhi Cao
    • , Dazhao Zhu
    • , Liang Xu
    • , Meng Zhang
    • , Yu-Hui Zhang
    • , Jiannan Fan
    • , Luhong Jin
    • , Yingke Xu
    • , Cuifang Kuang
    •  & Xu Liu

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