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    Early-stage capital providers and clean energy technology incubators are supporting a new wave of innovations focused on end-use efficiency and demand control. This wave complements expanding investments in supply technologies required for electricity sector decarbonization.

    • A. Bumpus
    •  & S. Comello
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    Negative emissions are necessary to meet ambitious climate targets, but in order to achieve these we need both technological advances and an economic environment that promotes such activity.

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    The US Clean Power Plan establishes detailed CO2 emissions reductions targets at state level with a flexible framework for implementation. This flexibility is intended to spur innovation and economic efficiency, but a study finds that it creates vast uncertainties around both the implementation of the rule and subsequent impacts.

    • Nadejda Victor
    Nature Energy 1, 16187
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    The built environment will play a key role in determining future emissions, so it is essential that low-carbon infrastructure and design are implemented.