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  • Editorial |

    Negative emissions are necessary to meet ambitious climate targets, but in order to achieve these we need both technological advances and an economic environment that promotes such activity.

  • News and Views |

    The US Clean Power Plan establishes detailed CO2 emissions reductions targets at state level with a flexible framework for implementation. This flexibility is intended to spur innovation and economic efficiency, but a study finds that it creates vast uncertainties around both the implementation of the rule and subsequent impacts.

    • Nadejda Victor
    Nature Energy 1, 16187
  • Editorial |

    The built environment will play a key role in determining future emissions, so it is essential that low-carbon infrastructure and design are implemented.

  • News and Views |

    For uptake of electric vehicles to increase, consumers' driving-range needs must be fulfilled. Analysis of the driving patterns of personal vehicles in the US now shows that today's electric vehicles can meet all travel needs on almost 90% of days from a single overnight charge.

    • Willett Kempton
    Nature Energy 1, 16131
  • Comments and Opinion |

    The framing of funding programmes can sustain existing ways of conceptualizing particular problems, as well as create new ones. Yet, without more prominent roles for social sciences and humanities, the techno-economic conceptualization of energy consumers could hinder long-term low-carbon aspirations.

    • Chris Foulds
    •  & Toke Haunstrup Christensen
    Nature Energy 1, 16087