Cancer in the nervous system


Cancer in the nervous system is most commonly located in the brain or spinal cord, but tumours can also be situated in the peripheral nervous system. Furthermore, many cancers elsewhere in the body can form metastases in the nervous system.

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    Neurofibromatosis type 1 is caused by mutations in the NF1 tumour suppressor gene. This Primer by Gutmann and colleagues discusses the genetics underlying the development of this disease, and describes the diagnosis and treatment of the widespread clinical manifestations.

    • David H. Gutmann
    • , Rosalie E. Ferner
    • , Robert H. Listernick
    • , Bruce R. Korf
    • , Pamela L. Wolters
    •  & Kimberly J. Johnson
  • Research | | open

    Longevity of antibody responses has been attributed to persistence of plasma cells in mice. Here the authors provide human data in support of this model by immunoglobulin sequencing bone marrow sections from two human donors over 6.5 years to show temporal stability of plasma cell clonotypes, but not other B cells.

    • Gabriel C. Wu
    • , Nai-Kong V. Cheung
    • , George Georgiou
    • , Edward M. Marcotte
    •  & Gregory C. Ippolito
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    Reactive astrocytes have been proposed to become incompetent bystanders in epilepsy as a result of cellular changes rendering them incapable of performing housekeeping tasks. This review discusses new research that suggests that reactive astrocytes may drive the disease process by impairing the inhibitory action of neuronal GABA receptors.

    • Stefanie Robel
    •  & Harald Sontheimer
  • Research | | open

    Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas are diagnosed by sampling a small portion of the tumour. Here, using multiple samples from tumours, the authors analyse the spatial and temporal distribution of driver mutations revealing that H3K27M mutations arise first in tumorigenesis followed by a specific invariable sequence of driver mutations, which are homogeneously distributed across the tumour mass.

    • Hamid Nikbakht
    • , Eshini Panditharatna
    • , Leonie G. Mikael
    • , Rui Li
    • , Tenzin Gayden
    • , Matthew Osmond
    • , Cheng-Ying Ho
    • , Madhuri Kambhampati
    • , Eugene I. Hwang
    • , Damien Faury
    • , Alan Siu
    • , Simon Papillon-Cavanagh
    • , Denise Bechet
    • , Keith L. Ligon
    • , Benjamin Ellezam
    • , Wendy J. Ingram
    • , Caedyn Stinson
    • , Andrew S. Moore
    • , Katherine E. Warren
    • , Jason Karamchandani
    • , Roger J. Packer
    • , Nada Jabado
    • , Jacek Majewski
    •  & Javad Nazarian

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