Cancer immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy is a therapy used to treat cancer patients that involves or uses components of the immune system. Some cancer immunotherapies consist of antibodies that bind to, and inhibit the function of, proteins expressed by cancer cells. Other cancer immunotherapies include vaccines and T cell infusions.


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    In this Viewpoint article, we asked four scientists working on the cancer microbiome to provide their opinions on the current state of the field, where the research is heading and the challenges of implementing this field for clinical utility.

    • Eran Elinav
    • , Wendy S. Garrett
    • , Giorgio Trinchieri
    •  & Jennifer Wargo
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    Di Pilato et al. selectively modulated the function of regulatory T (Treg) cells in tumours by targeting the CARMA1–BCL10–MALT1 (CBM) signalosome complex in only a fraction of Treg cells and showed that this was sufficient to impede tumour growth and prime the tumour microenvironment for immune checkpoint blockade.

    • Anna Dart