Calcium channels

Calcium channels are ion channels that are triggered to open by either a change in the voltage across the membrane, which occurs in nerve cells propagating a signal, or by small molecule ligands such as inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (Ins3P, IP3). Calcium channels allow calcium to flow into the cell or out of the endoplasmic reticulum.

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    Regulated calcium signalling, in particular downstream of the T cell receptor, is crucial for many T cell effector functions. This Review provides an overview of the numerous membrane and organellar calcium-permeable channels that are coordinated to fine-tune T cell immunity.

    • Mohamed Trebak
    •  & Jean-Pierre Kinet
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    Giant cell lesions of the jaw (GCLJ) are debilitating benign tumors of unclear origin. The authors identify driver recurrent somatic mutations in TRPV4, KRAS and FGFR1 and show they converge on aberrant activation of the MAPK pathway. Their findings extend the spectrum of TRPV4 channelopathies and provide rationale for targeted therapies at the bedside in GCLJ.

    • Carolina Cavalieri Gomes
    • , Tenzin Gayden
    • , Andrea Bajic
    • , Osama F. Harraz
    • , Jonathan Pratt
    • , Hamid Nikbakht
    • , Eric Bareke
    • , Marina Gonçalves Diniz
    • , Wagner Henriques Castro
    • , Pascal St-Onge
    • , Daniel Sinnett
    • , HyeRim Han
    • , Barbara Rivera
    • , Leonie G. Mikael
    • , Nicolas De Jay
    • , Claudia L. Kleinman
    • , Elvis Terci Valera
    • , Angelia V. Bassenden
    • , Albert M. Berghuis
    • , Jacek Majewski
    • , Mark T. Nelson
    • , Ricardo Santiago Gomez
    •  & Nada Jabado
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    Uptake of Ca2+ ions by mitochondria regulates their functions and serves to buffer Ca2+ concentrations to maintain cellular Ca2+ homeostasis. Better understanding of the mechanisms, regulation and (patho)physiology of mitochondrial Ca2+ influx and efflux offers the possibility to target mitochondrial Ca2+ machineries for therapeutic benefit.

    • Carlotta Giorgi
    • , Saverio Marchi
    •  & Paolo Pinton

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