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    The financial system will be impacted by climate policies. Network analysis of the exposures of financial actors to climate-relevant sectors in the Euro Area shows early implementation of climate policy is needed to avoid adverse systemic consequences.

    • Stefano Battiston
    • , Antoine Mandel
    • , Irene Monasterolo
    • , Franziska Schütze
    •  & Gabriele Visentin
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    To tackle the high energy consumption of buildings, information programs to promote investment in energy efficiency measures have been introduced. This study compares the effectiveness of three US programs and finds that despite large energy savings, progress is lacking for small and medium sized buildings.

    • Omar Isaac Asensio
    •  & Magali A. Delmas
    Nature Energy 2, 17033
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    Alternative fuel technologies are crucial to decarbonize transport, but attention has shifted among options over time. This study presents an analysis of media, innovation and funding data for these different options and recommends actions to help move beyond hype to support technology adoption.

    • Noel Melton
    • , Jonn Axsen
    •  & Daniel Sperling
    Nature Energy 1, 16013
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    Corporations need to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions to help avoid dangerous climate change. A new method for setting emissions targets, which can also be used to assess corporate climate performance and increase accountability, is proposed.

    • Oskar Krabbe
    • , Giel Linthorst
    • , Kornelis Blok
    • , Wina Crijns-Graus
    • , Detlef P. van Vuuren
    • , Niklas Höhne
    • , Pedro Faria
    • , Nate Aden
    •  & Alberto Carrillo Pineda
    Nature Climate Change 5, 1057–1060
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    Climate change is expected to exacerbate absenteeism as a result of heat stress, with ramifications for labour productivity. Reduced work performance in 2013–2014 in Australia was found to represent an economic burden of around US$6.2 billion.

    • Kerstin K. Zander
    • , Wouter J. W. Botzen
    • , Elspeth Oppermann
    • , Tord Kjellstrom
    •  & Stephen T. Garnett

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