Bioinspired materials

Bioinspired materials are synthetic materials whose structure, properties or function mimic those of natural materials or living matter. Examples of bioinspired materials are light-harvesting photonic materials that mimic photosynthesis, structural composites that imitate the structure of nacre, and metal actuators inspired by the movements of jellyfish.

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    Surface-grafting polymer brush (SPB) technique can be used to change the inherent physical/chemical properties of materials surface. Practical applications are paid more attention since SPB technique enables to decorate materials with diverse functions. This paper reviews the current grafting strategies to generate polymer brush layer on surface of solid materials with diverse geometric structures/sizes, and then systematically summarizes the recent research advances on application of polymer brushes-modified materials. Correspondingly, some key challenges of SPB technique with considering its real application in future are discussed. The aim to draft this paper is to tell the readers how to engineer functional materials by SPB technique.

    • Shuanhong Ma
    • , Xiaoqin Zhang
    • , Bo Yu
    •  & Feng Zhou
  • Research | | open

    Novel chitosan–celluose nanofiber (CS–CNF) composite hydrogels (modulus ~2 kPa) were prepared to have tunable self-healing properties. The injectability and self-healing ability were significantly enhanced for composite hydrogels. The optimized hydrogel promoted the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells in vitro as well as functional recovery (50% enhancement over pristine CS hydrogel) in brain-injured zebrafish. Self-healing properties of CS–CNF hydrogels were positively correlated with regenerative capacities and oxygen metabolism of the hydrogels. A mechanism of multiple-bond interactions may explain the biphasic change of self-healing for these hydrogels. The findings provide some design rationale for self-healing hydrogels with potential biomedical applications.

    • Kun-Chih Cheng
    • , Chih-Feng Huang
    • , Yen Wei
    •  & Shan-hui Hsu
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    The creation of protective barriers around cells is of interest for a range of applications. Here, the authors report on the creation of DNA templated alginate-polylysine biomimetic cell walls for encapsulating and shielding cells, demonstrating protection against physical assaults and immune reactions.

    • Peng Shi
    • , Nan Zhao
    • , James Coyne
    •  & Yong Wang

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