Atmospheric dynamics

Atmospheric dynamics encompasses all physical processes within atmospheres, including global and regional-scale circulation, convection, tropical and extratropical cyclones, and interannual variability. Information about atmospheric dynamics informs both short range weather forecasting and projections for medium to long term climate change.


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    Over the last half of the twentieth century, surface temperature over the South Pole was steady if not slightly cooling, suggesting the high Antarctic interior might be immune to warming. Research now shows a dramatic switch; in the past 30 years, the South Pole has been warming at over three times the global rate.

    • Sharon E. Stammerjohn
    •  & Ted A. Scambos
  • News and Views |

    The Madden–Julian oscillation causes teleconnections that impact mid-latitudes. Now research predicts dramatic eastward shifts of these impacts in the Pacific–North America region as the climate warms, leading to higher winter rainfall variability along the US West Coast and California in particular.

    • Hien X. Bui
    Nature Climate Change 10, 603-604
  • News and Views |

    The influence of the changing climate on individual snowstorms has been uncertain, in part due to the use of coarse model simulations. Now, research employing more detailed simulations finds fewer and smaller snowstorms as a result of warming, with a reduction in the amount and extent of extreme snowfall.

    • Martin A. Baxter
    Nature Climate Change 10, 494-495
  • Editorial |

    The first marsquakes detected by NASA’s InSight mission mark just the start of seismology on Mars. Both Earth and planetary scientists alike should embrace this new frontier of geophysics.