Astronomical instrumentation


Astronomical instrumentation are the tools used to observe objects and phenomena that occur in space. These can include both terrestrial and satellite-borne telescopes. High precision optical components such as mirrors and lenses at all wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum are crucial to the development of these devices.

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    The Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) is looking for neutron stars and pulsars from its perch on the International Space Station. Keith Gendreau and Zaven Arzoumanian provide an overview of its capabilities.

    • Keith Gendreau
    •  & Zaven Arzoumanian
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    Pulsar timing arrays may well be the next type of experiment to detect gravitational waves. Sensitive to lower frequencies than LIGO–Virgo, they will detect the stochastic background of massive binary black hole mergers.

    • Andrea N. Lommen
    Nature Astronomy 1, 809–811
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    Forty years ago, the two Voyager spacecraft left Earth to begin one of the most rewarding voyages of human discovery ever to have been undertaken. Project Scientist Ed Stone recounts his treasured moments from the mission.

    • Ed Stone