Applied microbiology

Applied microbiology is a scientific discipline that deals with the application of microorganisms and the knowledge about them. Applications include biotechnology, agriculture, medicine, food microbiology and bioremediation.


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    The rapidly dividing bacterium Vibrio natriegens holds promise for transforming traditional molecular biology and biotechnology processes. New work demonstrates that CRISPR interference technology is a robust tool for rapid, genome-wide screens in V. natriegens, facilitating future bioengineering efforts.

    • Jonathan D. D’Gama
    •  & Matthew K. Waldor
    Nature Microbiology 4, 1071-1072
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    The secondary metabolite cepacin A is the essential compound made by Burkholderia ambifaria needed for biocontrol of plant pathogens. In this organism, genes responsible for virulence and for cepacin A biosynthesis reside on different replicons, allowing for the engineering of avirulent mutants that retain their biocontrol properties.

    • Tom Coenye
    Nature Microbiology 4, 908-909
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    Two recent papers show that probiotics colonize the gut in permissive volunteers only and delay the reconstitution of the microbiome after antibiotics treatment. In the absence of any clinical readouts, it is still difficult to extrapolate these observations in terms of short-term or long-term health consequences for patients.

    • Philippe Langella
    •  & Jean-Marc Chatel