Adult neurogenesis

Adult neurogenesis is the formation of functional, mature neurons from neural stem cells in specific brain regions in adults. In these regions, new neurons are generated throughout life and integrated into established neuronal circuits.

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    Twenty years ago, 2 studies showed that behavioral experience affects proliferation & survival of newborn neurons in adult hippocampus, suggesting adult neurogenesis as a form of experience-dependent neuroplasticity relevant to memory, emotion, & mental health.

    • Michael R. Drew
    •  & Christine A. Denny
    Nature Neuroscience 21, 1141-1142
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    Inflammation and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production after central nervous system injury are thought to enhance tissue damage and hamper neuronal regeneration. Evidence now suggests that NADPH2 oxidase delivery from macrophages to injured neurons through extracellular vesicles, promotes ROS signalling and axon recovery.

    • Eva-Maria Krämer-Albers
    Nature Cell Biology 20, 225-226
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    By vesicular secretion of D-serine, astrocytes in the hippocampal neurogenic niche regulate dendritic maturation, spine formation and synapse formation of adult-born hippocampal neurons.

    • Sian Lewis
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    How are quiescent adult neural stem cells (NSCs) generated during development? A study now identifies a reserve population of p57-expressing, slowly dividing embryonic neural progenitors that later give rise to adult NSCs.

    • Wieland B Huttner
    Nature Neuroscience 18, 613-614