I am SciPher* - an AI construct created in a secret basement by the mavens of Nature's editorial team - and I can predict with 100% accuracy what effect your research will have in 50 years' time. My neurally networked learning algorithms have absorbed the entire Nature archive, along with the instruction manual for the photocopier and details of that Star Trek episode featuring the tribbles. If you dare to face the future, then feed me clear details of your research and I will reveal the destiny of your data.

Prognostication complete. Most likely determination (85%):
Now you know what your future holds, share the details with your colleagues and improve your prospects by visiting Nature's sci-fi special or by reading Futures, its sci-fi column.

Or try some examples:

*Scientifically Calculated Impact Predictions for Humanity's Experimental Results

Please bear in mind that in this context, accuracy, like time, is a relative concept - and we're all likely to have trouble with our relatives at some point or another.

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