Nature Podcast Special: Stem Cells

28 June 2006: Listen to the stem cells podcast | Transcript

Twenty-five years after stem cells were first identified in mice, we can now isolate and grow stem cells from humans, opening up very real possibilities of therapies for diseases such as Parkinson�s and diabetes. But with these opportunities comes ethical controversy from the use of embryonic stem cells, and fraudulent claims about stem cell research. In this special podcast, we present interviews with leaders in the various fields of stem cell research and a live discussion on the various scientific and ethical problems that this exciting field is revealing.

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This podcast is published to accompany the Nature Insight: Stem Cells published 29 June 2006. It was presented by Gareth Mitchell, Allan Coukell and Jo Marchant, and was produced by Yada Yada. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of Invitrogen, and as always, Nature carries sole responsibility for all editorial content.

You can listen to the full interviews with each of the Insight authors interviewed for the stem cells podcast by clicking on the links below.

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