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26 February 1998, Volume 16, Number 8

Table of Contents

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Small contribution of G1 checkpoint control manipulation to modulation of p53-mediated apoptosis FREE
Christine E Canman & Michael B Kastan
Abstract  |  PDF 957
Sequential expression of the MAD family of transcriptional repressors during differentiation and development FREE
Christophe Quéva, Peter J Hurlin, Kevin P Foley & Robert N Eisenman
Abstract  |  PDF 967
Tumour specific regulation of telomerase RNA gene expression visualized by in situ hybridization FREE
Anja I Soder, James J Going, Stanley B Kaye & W Nicol Keith
Abstract  |  PDF 979
Oncogenic potential of a mutant human thyrotropin receptor expressed in FRTL-5 cells FREE
Bénédicte Fournes, Roger Monier, Francine Michiels, Edwin Milgrom, Micheline Misrahi & Jean Feunteun
Abstract  |  PDF 985
Expression of RET 3' splicing variants during human kidney development FREE
Stacey M Ivanchuk, Shirley M Myers & Lois M Mulligan
Abstract  |  PDF 991
A transgenic mouse model for mammary carcinogenesis FREE
Baolin Li, Kristen L Murphy, Rodolfo Laucirica, Frances Kittrell, Daniel Medina & Jeffrey M Rosen
Abstract  |  PDF 997
Identification of a human homolog of the Drosophila neuralized gene within the 10q25.1 malignant astrocytoma deletion region FREE
Hideo Nakamura, Mitsuhiro Yoshida, Hiromasa Tsuiki, Kiyoharu Ito, Mikako Ueno, Mitsuyoshi Nakao, Koji Oka, Mitsuhiro Tada, Masato Kochi, Jun-ichi Kuratsu, Yukitaka Ushio & Hideyuki Saya
Abstract  |  PDF 1009
The DNA binding domains of the WT1 tumor suppressor gene product and chimeric EWS/WT1 oncoprotein are functionally distinct FREE
Jungho Kim, Kevin Lee & Jerry Pelletier
Abstract  |  PDF 1021
Identification of a BRCA1-associated kinase with potential biological relevance FREE
Teresa F Burke, Kimberley S Cocke, Stephanie J Lemke, Ed Angleton, Gerald W Becker & Richard P Beckmann
Abstract  |  PDF 1031
Effect of simian virus large T antigen expression on cell cycle control and apoptosis in rat pleural mesothelial cells exposed to DNA damaging agents FREE
V Levresse, S Moritz, A Renier, L Kheuang, F Galateau-Salle, J P Mège, P Piedbois, B Salmons, W Guenzburg & M C Jaurand
Abstract  |  PDF 1041
The thiol crosslinking agent diamide overcomes the apoptosis-inhibitory effect of Bcl-2 by enforcing mitochondrial permeability transition FREE
Naoufal Zamzami, Isabel Marzo, Santos A Susin, Catherine Brenner, Nathanael Larochette, Philippe Marchetti, John Reed, Reinhard Kofler & Guido Kroemer
Abstract  |  PDF 1055
Functional capabilities of molecular network components controlling the mammalian G1/S cell cycle phase transition FREE
Kurt W Kohn
Abstract  |  PDF 1065
Isolation of canine p53 cDNA and detailed characterization of the full length canine p53 protein FREE
Nik Veldhoen & Jo Milner
Abstract  |  PDF 1077
Short report
The CXXC Zn binding motifs of the human papillomavirus type 16 E7 oncoprotein are not required for its in vitro transforming activity in rodent cells FREE
Joris Braspenning, Antonio Marchini, Valentina Albarani, Laura Levy, Francesca Ciccolini, Caterina Cremonesi, Robert Ralston, Lutz Gissmann & Massimo Tommasino
Abstract  |  PDF 1085
No evidence for the H133Y mutation in SONIC HEDGEHOG in a collection of common tumour types FREE
Carol Wicking, Timothy Evans, Bettina Henk, Nicholas Hayward, Lisa A Simms, Georgia Chenevix-Trench, Torsten Pietsch & Brandon Wainwright
Abstract  |  PDF 1091
Erratum FREE
Abstract  |  PDF 1095
26 February 1998, Volume 16, Number 8
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