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General editorial inquiries and correspondence

The Editor
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
One New York Plaza, Suite 4500
New York, NY 10004-1562

Tel: (212) 726-9331; Fax: (212) 679-0735


Manuscripts should be submitted through our online submission system. For more information, see our general guide for manuscript preparation and submission. Please do not send complete manuscripts by e-mail unless specifically requested.

Presubmission inquiries

Please send inquiries via our online submission system, designating them as presubmission inquiries as requested on the form.

Inquiries about the status of a manuscript

Editorial Assistant, Adrianna Linbo-Terhaar*

Other inquiries about editorial policies

Chief Editor, Inês Chen*


Senior Editor, Beth Moorefield*


Associate Editor, Anke Sparmann*


Associate Editor, Katarzyna Marcinkiewicz*

Receipt of submitted manuscripts will be acknowledged by e-mail.

Reviews of manuscripts

Please return referee comments to the URL included in the referee instruction letter sent to you after you agreed to review the manuscript. The review can also be returned by accessing the manuscript you are reviewing on your personal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology homepage and, when on the manuscript's summary page, selecting the link 'Review Manuscript'. Alternatively, the review can be sent to*, quoting the manuscript tracking number of the manuscript to which the review applies.

Inquiries about the copyediting of a manuscript

Copy Editor, Juliana Leslie*

Inquiries about production matters (proofs, electronic figure submission, etc.)

Production Editors, Matt Hansen and Jamel Wooten**

Corrected proofs

Fax: (212) 696-9751
Please set your fax machine to "fine."

* To contact us by email, please substitute an @ for the # in the email addresses provided.

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