Help Us Drive Research and Treatment Toward a World Free of Multiple Sclerosis

The National MS Society (USA) is committed to creating a world free of multiple sclerosis (MS) through the pursuit of all promising avenues that may lead to stopping disease progression, restoring function, and ultimately ending MS forever. MS is an immune-mediated disease of the central nervous system, with possible genetic, infectious and environmental risk factors in play, so it intersects many different biomedical fields. Through a comprehensive and global research approach, the Society provides funding to explore innovative ideas from their initial discovery and development to their commercial exploration, with our unique commercial subsidiary, Fast Forward. We award fellowships and grants to propel the MS field forward today and tomorrow; faster than ever before.

We fund a wide range of research topics in MS from understanding the immune system to drug development to testing new therapies in clinical trials. We want to fund your novel ideas, collaborations, and trainees to bring more and better treatments to people with MS.

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