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Blood–brain barrier breakdown

Implications in Alzheimer disease and other neurodegenerative disorders

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  • Review |

    Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a persistent pain condition that usually affects a single limb, often following an injury. In this article, the authors review the latest advances in CRPS research, focusing on risk factors for the condition as well as biomarkers for diagnosis, treatment and clinical course prediction.

    • Frank Birklein
    • , Seena K. Ajit
    • , Andreas Goebel
    • , Roberto S. G. M. Perez
    •  & Claudia Sommer
  • Review |

    The epidemiology, risk factors, causes, treatment and outcomes of intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) in young adults (aged 18–50 years) can differ markedly from those in elderly patients with ICH. Challenges in this setting include high early mortality and long-term mortality as well as long-term disability and ICH recurrence in survivors.

    • Turgut Tatlisumak
    • , Brett Cucchiara
    • , Satoshi Kuroda
    • , Scott E. Kasner
    •  & Jukka Putaala
  • Review |

    In this Review, MAGNIMS provides an update on the imaging features that differentiate multiple sclerosis (MS) from its most common imaging mimics and a summary of the red-flag MRI features that indicate a diagnosis other than MS.

    • Ruth Geraldes
    • , Olga Ciccarelli
    • , Frederik Barkhof
    • , Nicola De Stefano
    • , Christian Enzinger
    • , Massimo Filippi
    • , Monika Hofer
    • , Friedemann Paul
    • , Paolo Preziosa
    • , Alex Rovira
    • , Gabriele C. DeLuca
    • , Ludwig Kappos
    • , Tarek Yousry
    • , Franz Fazekas
    • , Jette Frederiksen
    • , Claudio Gasperini
    • , Jaume Sastre-Garriga
    • , Nikos Evangelou
    • , Jacqueline Palace
    •  & on behalf of the MAGNIMS study group
  • Review |

    Villemagne and colleagues describe advances in neuroimaging using selected amyloid-β (Aβ) and tau tracers. Aβ and tau neuroimaging can identify proteinopathies in at-risk patients, facilitating the early and accurate diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease. Applications of Aβ and tau neuroimaging in staging and monitoring of disease and treatment selection are also discussed.

    • Victor L. Villemagne
    • , Vincent Doré
    • , Samantha C. Burnham
    • , Colin L. Masters
    •  & Christopher C. Rowe
  • Review |

    Approval of the first disease-modifying therapy for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), the antisense oligonucleotide nusinersen, represents a major breakthrough in neurodegenerative disease research but also has important medical, ethical and financial implications for SMA and beyond. This Review considers the current and future landscape for SMA therapy and the challenges and opportunities that are emerging.

    • Ewout J. N. Groen
    • , Kevin Talbot
    •  & Thomas H. Gillingwater
  • Review |

    The congenital myopathies are a group of early-onset neuromuscular disorders characterized by muscle weakness and distinctive structural abnormalities in skeletal muscle. In this Review, the authors summarize the genetic, clinical and pathological features of the main congenital myopathies and discuss current and future approaches to treatment and management.

    • Heinz Jungbluth
    • , Susan Treves
    • , Francesco Zorzato
    • , Anna Sarkozy
    • , Julien Ochala
    • , Caroline Sewry
    • , Rahul Phadke
    • , Mathias Gautel
    •  & Francesco Muntoni

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