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Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Nature Reviews
Welcome to the Nature Reviews Neuroscience Web Focus on pain - a selection of recently published Reviews, Perspectives and Research Highlights on this topic. Additional articles are available in the associated NPG library. The articles on this page are freely available from July 2005 until December 2005. For further information about this Web Focus see the Foreword.
current highlights
How to see the big picture Keeping Trk of pain
A new study by Fang et al. describes the sensory properties of nociceptors ...[more]
A good place to start Stressing pain relief How is it that a soldier in the heat of battle, or a sportsman caught up in a..[more]
A good place to start  Yin and yang of acupuncture
Acupuncture, which is rooted in a 3,000 year-old Chinese tradition of yin ...[more]
A good place to start  Anti-NGF therapy for bone cancer pain
The pain associated with bone cancer is often difficult to manage..[more]
A good place to start  Great expectations
Placebos have been shown to relieve pain – a phenomenon known as placebo analgesia..[more]

The development of nociceptive circuits
Maria Fitzgerald
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Role of the immune system in chronic pain
Fabien Marchand, Mauro Perretti & Stephen B. McMahon
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Pain and emotion interactions in subregions of the cingulate gyrus
Brent A. Vogt
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Placebos and painkillers: is mind as real as matter?
Luana Colloca & Fabrizio Benedetti
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
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