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Welcome to the web focus on metagenomics — a selection of recently published Reviews, Perspectives and Research Highlights from the Nature Reviews journals on this topic which accompanies the June issue of Nature Reviews Microbiology. This web focus also features original research papers and News & Views recently published in Nature and Nature Biotechnology.

Metagenomics has emerged as a powerful tool that can be used to analyze microbial communities regardless of the ability of member organisms to be cultured in the laboratory. Metagenomics is based on the genomic analysis of microbial DNA that is extracted directly from communities in environmental samples. This technology — genomics on a huge scale — enables a survey of the different microorganisms present in a specific environment, such as water or soil, to be carried out. By integrating the information gleaned with information about biological functions within the community, the structure of microbial communities can potentially be probed. Metagenomics could also unlock the massive uncultured microbial diversity present in the environment to provide new molecules for therapeutic and biotechnological applications.



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