The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, established in 2000, seeks to advance environmental conservation and cutting-edge scientific research around the world and improve the quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Foundation's Marine Microbiology Initiative supports the discovery and dissemination of scientific findings and technological developments in the fields of marine microbiology and microbial ecology, which contribute to ocean health and productivity. See www.moore.org for more information.

The Agouron Institute is a non-profit research organization that was formed in 1978 as a vehicle for the investigation of new research frontiers and technologies in biology and chemistry. The Institute commenced its activities with a small grant from the Office of Naval Research on the marine fouling problem, which led to the development of a long- standing program in environmental microbiology. By 1982 the research program had expanded, and success in protein engineering and computational biology research progams led to the formation of a biotechnology company named Agouron Pharmaceuticals in 1984.

In 1998 Agouron Pharmaceuticals was sold to Warner Lambert, a company that subsequently merged with Pfizer. This substantially increased the endowment of the Institute. The Board of Directors of the Institute adopted new strategies to use these increased funds to achieve the Institute goal of making significant contributions in biology and chemistry. The Institute now makes highly leveraged investments in basic and applied biology and chemistry. See www.agi.org/history.html for more information.


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