CD4+ T–cell diversity

John O'Shea, Arian Laurence and Adewole Adamson

After contact with antigen–presenting cells, naive CD4+
T cells begin to differentiate towards one of several fates, which has traditionally been viewed as a dichotomy between T helper 1 (TH1) and TH2 cells. The recent identification of IL–17–expressing T cells (TH17 cells) as a new product of this differentiation has led to renewed interest in the factors that determine lineage commitment and fate determination, and in the cross regulation and flexibility between the pathways leading to TH cells and regulatory T cells, which ensures an appropriate type of response to the particular immune challenge.

This poster provides an overview of the various cytokines, transcription factors and signalling pathways that are associated with the differentiation, survival, function and plasticity of CD4+ effector T cells. The poster is freely available thanks to support from UCB.