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Highlighting the latest advances in checkpoint blockade, cancer vaccines and modulating the tumour microenvironment to improve immunotherapy.

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  • Review Article |

    Nonhuman primates (NHPs) are increasingly used as models of human viral infections. Here, Estes and colleagues introduce different NHP models, summarize the similarities and differences between human and NHP immune systems and discuss important examples of human viruses that can be modelled in NHPs.

    • Jacob D. Estes
    • , Scott W. Wong
    •  & Jason M. Brenchley
  • Review Article |

    Adaptive immunity arose 500 million years ago in cold-blooded vertebrates. Here, Martin Flajnik discusses how recent discoveries in fish, amphibians and reptiles have improved our understanding of the origins and functions of adaptive immune systems.

    • Martin F. Flajnik
  • Review Article |

    Evidence is increasing that naive T cells are heterogeneous in phenotype, function, dynamics and differentiation status. Here, van den Broek et al. provide a revised view of the naive T cell compartment and then discuss the implications for ageing, neonatal immunity and T cell reconstitution following haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

    • Theo van den Broek
    • , José A. M. Borghans
    •  & Femke van Wijk
  • Opinion |

    Could the specific glycosylation signatures associated with tumour cells be harnessed for immunotherapy purposes? In this Opinion, the authors propose that the tumour glyco-code may represent a novel immune checkpoint that could be targeted in the clinic.

    • Ernesto RodrÍguez
    • , Sjoerd T. T. Schetters
    •  & Yvette van Kooyk
  • Review |

    CD8+ T cell differentiation and function are regulated by epigenetic changes mainly including DNA methylation, histone modification and modification of chromatin architecture. As described here, a detailed understanding of these epigenetic mechanisms can be harnessed to improve T cell-based immunotherapies.

    • Amanda N. Henning
    • , Rahul Roychoudhuri
    •  & Nicholas P. Restifo

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Cancer immunotherapy

A Focus issue of Nature Reviews Immunology highlighting the latest advances in cancer immunotherapy, including checkpoint blockade, cancer vaccines and modulation of the tumour microenvironment to improve the efficacy of immunotherapy.

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