Animation: RNA interference

January 2012

The principles of RNAi are introduced in a vivid, 3D animation featuring small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and microRNAs (miRNAs). Further information about RNAi is provided in an accompanying slideshow.

Produced with support from Dharmacon, part of GE Healthcare.

Animation by Arkitek Studios

Podcast: Frontiers in genetics and genomics

September 2010

To celebrate the first 10 years of Nature Reviews Genetics we interviewed leading scientists about the next steps in 5 exciting areas. Listen to Francis Collins, Svante Pääbo, Leroy Hood, Eric Green and George Church give their views.

Audio slide show: Computational solutions to large-scale data management

Eric E. Schadt, Michael D. Linderman, Jon Sorenson, Lawrence Lee, Garry P. Nolan

21 June 2010

This audio slide show is freely available, thanks to support from the Extreme Computing Group, Microsoft Research.

Podcast: Statistical Analysis

November 2006

How will advances in statistics aid genetic analyses? Find out what the experts think in our Focus audio supplement: 'Genetics by numbers'