Nature Reviews Genetics 8, 235-243 (March 2007) | doi:10.1038/nrg2048

OpinionBeyond standardization: dynamic software infrastructures for systems biology

Morris A. Swertz1 & Ritsert C. Jansen1  About the authors


Progress in systems biology is seriously hindered by slow production of suitable software infrastructures. Biologists need infrastructure that easily connects to work that is done in other laboratories, for which standardization is helpful. However, the infrastructure must also accommodate the specifics of their biological system, but appropriate mechanisms to support variation are currently lacking. We argue that a minimal computer language, and a software tool called a generator, can be used to quickly produce customized software infrastructures that 'systems biologists really want to have'.

Author affiliations

  1. Morris A. Swertz and Ritsert C. Jansen are at the Groningen Bioinformatics Centre, Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute, University of Groningen, Kerklaan 30, NL-9751 NN Haren, The Netherlands.

Correspondence to: Ritsert C. Jansen1 Email:

Published online 13 February 2007


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