Box 1 | Questions at the interface between evolution and development

From the following article:

Evo–devo: extending the evolutionary synthesis

Gerd B. Müller

Nature Reviews Genetics 8, 943-949 (December 2007)


Evo–devo questions

  • How did development originate?
  • How did the developmental repertoire evolve?
  • How are developmental processes modified in evolution?

Devo–evo questions

Evo|[ndash]|devo: extending the evolutionary synthesis 

  • How does development influence phenotypic variation?
  • How does development contribute to phenotypic novelty?
  • How does development affect the organization of phenotypes?

Eco–evo–devo questions

  • How does the environment interact with developmental processes?
  • How does environmental change influence phenotypic evolution?
  • How does developmental evolution affect the environment?