TABLE 2 | Drug development scorecard in three innnovation categories

From the following article:

Drug approvals and failures: implications for alliances

Elizabeth A. Czerepak & Stefan Ryser

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 7, 197-198 (March 2008)


SourceFDA approvalsPhase III failures
Novel drug and new chemical structure  
Biotech9 (9%)42 (46%)
Biotech–pharma alliances5 (5%)5 (5.5%)
Pharma17 (16%)*4 (4%)
Line extension  
Biotech18 (17%)9 (10%)
Biotech–pharma alliances5 (5%)8(9%)
Pharma8 (8%)*0
Biotech20 (19%)17 (19%)
Biotech–pharma alliances6 (6%)5 (5.5%)
Pharma15 (15%)1 (1%)
All novel drugs and new chemical structures were approved for the first time by the US FDA between January 2006 and December 2007. Novel drugs are drugs exhibiting a new mechanism of action and a new chemical structure in a new indication. A line extension is an approved indication of the same drug in another indication to which the original approval occurred. A me-too drug is a product that largely duplicates the action of an existing drug. For details of the categories into which the drugs analysed have been assigned for this analysis, please see Supplementary information S1 (table).
*Both numbers for pharma include two acquired/licensed products (total of four).

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