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Including articles on RNA-modifying proteins as anticancer targets, immunotherapies in sepsis and antiviral drugs for treating Ebola.

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  • Review Article |

    Co-stimulatory receptors mediate the anticancer immune response. This Review discusses the current efforts in targeting co-stimulatory receptors with agonist antibodies and the landscape of agonist antibodies in clinical development for cancer treatment.

    • Patrick A. Mayes
    • , Kenneth W. Hance
    •  & Axel Hoos
  • Review Article |

    Recent technological advances with cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) — a biophysical technique that can be used to determine the structure of biological macromolecules and assemblies — have raised hopes that it might soon become an important tool for drug discovery, particularly for 'intractable' targets that are still not accessible to analysis by X-ray crystallography. This article describes these advances and critically assesses their relevance for drug discovery.

    • Jean-Paul Renaud
    • , Ashwin Chari
    • , Claudio Ciferri
    • , Wen-ti Liu
    • , Hervé-William Rémigy
    • , Holger Stark
    •  & Christian Wiesmann
  • Review Article |

    New therapies in development for haemophilia — including gene therapies, proteins with extended half-lives and inhibitors of natural anticoagulants — look poised to change the management of this disease. In this Review, Peters and Harris discuss recent progress, including the hurdles that still need to be overcome in order to translate these advances into routine clinical use.

    • Rob Peters
    •  & Tim Harris
  • Review Article |

    Covalent modifications of RNA — mediated by RNA-modifying proteins (RMPs) — affect RNA stability and translation to proteins, and some of these RMPs have been implicated in cancer. Here, Copeland and colleagues review the current understanding of RNA modifications with a focus on mRNA methylation and assess the potential of RMPs as novel anticancer targets.

    • P. Ann Boriack-Sjodin
    • , Scott Ribich
    •  & Robert A. Copeland
  • Review Article |

    Dysregulation of IL-6 signalling is associated with inflammatory and lymphoproliferative disorders, and several classes of therapeutics have been developed that target components of the IL-6 signalling pathway. This Review describes the progress made in recent years in inhibiting IL-6-signalling and analyses the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches.

    • Christoph Garbers
    • , Sylvia Heink
    • , Thomas Korn
    •  & Stefan Rose-John
  • Review Article |

    Prodrug strategies can be used to overcome pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic issues in many therapeutic agents. Here, Rautio and colleagues discuss which approaches have been most successful, particularly in the past 10 years, and highlight the challenges in incorporating prodrug moieties during drug development.

    • Jarkko Rautio
    • , Nicholas A. Meanwell
    • , Li Di
    •  & Michael J. Hageman

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