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Volume 14, No 8 August 2017


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Targeted agents and immunotherapies: optimizing outcomes in melanoma

Jason J. Luke, Keith T. Flaherty, Antoni Ribas & Georgina V. Long

In less than a decade, the treatment landscape of metastatic melanoma has changed dramatically. Novel targeted agents and immunotherapies are revolutionizing patient outcomes, but the range of available drugs complicates clinical decision-making. Herein, the authors chart the therapeutic advances and review the current evidence that can be used to guide therapeutic decisions for individual patients with metastatic melanoma, highlighting knowledge gaps.

Current Issue

Featured article

Charged-particle therapy in cancer: clinical uses and future perspectives

Marco Durante, Roberto Orecchia & Jay S. Loeffler

Conventional radiotherapy with X-rays is being replaced by radiotherapy with high-energy charged particles, an approach that better spares healthy tissue from radiation but is associated with higher costs. Evidence supporting the cost-effectiveness of either modality can only come from the results of randomized clinical trials. The authors of this Review discuss ongoing randomized trials of charged-particle therapies as well as aspects related to radiobiology, which need to be taken into account in order to fully exploit the therapeutic potential of charged particles.

Advance online publication


Monitoring immune-checkpoint blockade: response evaluation and biomarker development

Mizuki Nishino, Nikhil H. Ramaiya, Hiroto Hatabu & F. Stephen Hodi

Patients receiving anticancer therapies based on immune-checkpoint blockade (ICB) often experience clinical benefits from such treatments, but unconventional patterns of response can be observed, emphasizing the importance of using a specific approach to evaluating responses to immunotherapy. Herein, the authors review the biological mechanisms underlying the response patterns associated with ICB, describe strategies for the assessments of such responses, and highlight the ongoing efforts to identify biomarkers to guide treatment with ICB.

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The European School of Oncology (ESO) in partnership with Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology is pleased to announce an e-ESO session on "A clinical case on haemato-oncology - Primary refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma: which is the best way to go?". This topic will be discussed by Astrid Pavlovsky during a live webcast on Thursday 27th July 17:15–18:00 UK time. Online participants will be able to submit questions.

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Web collection on Cancer genomics – from bench to bedside

The advent of massively parallel sequencing technologies has driven the analysis of cancer genomes at an unprecedented resolution. This collection provides a comprehensive bench-to-bedside overview of cancer genomics.


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A decade in medicine eBook

The past 10 years has seen great advances in the understanding and treatment of human disease. For expert perspectives on the most important breakthroughs, don't miss the A Decade in Medicine eBook. In this special collection of 47 articles—commissioned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the clinical Nature Reviews journals—leading experts highlight the most important advances in eight medical specialties between 2004 and 2015, and comment on future developments in their fields. The A Decade in Medicine eBook is FREE to download for registered users.

About the cover

MUSE (microscopy with UV surface excitation) image of fixed, unsectioned breast tissue showing a partially opened duct surrounded by stromal collagen and elastin. Cover image supplied by Richard Levenson, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of California Davis Medical Center at Sacramento, California, USA.

POSTER on Breast cancer

Breast cancer consists of many diseases that can be subdivided into different intrinsic subtypes according to genetic profiles, and this information is rapidly changing treatment decisions and personalized medicine. The latest developments in our genetic understanding of the intrinsic subtypes of breast cancer are highlighted in this poster, which is produced with support from NanoString® Technologies, Inc.

Focus issue on paediatric cancer

In the West, childhood cancers are associated with a very high level of treatment success, with many childhood survivors reaching adulthood. Nevertheless, progress in the field of paediatric oncology has lagged behind that of adult malignancies. Treating children with cancer brings into play a number of issues not typically experienced with adult patients, such as performing surgery near growing structures. This focus issue aims to look at a number of the key issues, and the cutting-edge research, surrounding treating arguably our most vulnerable patients.

Focus issue on 10th anniversary

November 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. To celebrate this milestone, we have commissioned a collection of articles to summarize the major advances in clinical oncology over the past decade. These articles, together with a special infographic, provide an authoritative snapshot of clinical oncology in 2014, and how the field might progress over the next 10 years.

Focus issue on prostate cancer

Don't miss our recent Focus issue on prostate cancer, which covers low-risk disease, management of high-risk disease, multiparametric MRI for detection, staging and treatment planning, considerations for treating elderly men with prostate cancer, and more...

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