A poster provides a visual overview of a hot topic in cancer and can be viewed online as a high-resolution PDF.

Multifaceted effects of the microenvironment on tumour progression

Daniela F. Quail and Johanna A. Joyce

May 2017

Produced with support from Fluidigm

Mitochondrial function and cancer

May 2012 Vol 12 No 5

Produced with support from Abcam

Proteasome inhibition in cancer therapy

Q. Ping Dou

December 2011 Vol 11 No 12

Produced with support from Onyx Pharmaceuticals

The emerging biology of cancer stem cells

May 2011 Vol 11 No 5

Produced with support from Abcam

The DNA damage response in tumorigenesis and cancer treatment

Jiri Bartek and Jiri Lukas

June 2010 Vol 10 No 6

Produced with support from KuDOS and Astrazeneca

The rise of p53

Bert Vogelstein and Carol Prives

December 2009 Vol 9 No 12

Produced with support from Roche Molecular Systems, Inc, and Genentech, Inc.

The evolution of genetically engineered mouse models of cancer

Kristopher K. Frese and David A. Tuveson

September 2007 Vol 7 No 9

Produced with support from Cancer Research UK

Molecular mechanisms of stem-cell identity and fate

Fiona M. Watt and Kevin Eggan

December 2006 Vol 6 No 12

Produced with support from Abcam

Targeting cancer pathways

Emma Greenwood and Kristine Novak

May 2005 Vol 5 No 5

A subway map of cancer pathways

William C. Hahn and Robert A. Weinberg

May 2002 Vol 2 No 5


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