FIGURE 2 | The chemokine wheel.

From the following article:

Cancer and the chemokine network

Fran Balkwill

Nature Reviews Cancer 4, 540-550 (July 2004)


Cancer and the chemokine network

This illustration explains the ligand-binding patterns of the seven-transmembrane domain G-protein-coupled human chemokine receptors. Receptors CXCR1–CXCR3, CCR1–CCR5, CCR7, CCR8, CCR10 and XCR1 all bind several chemokines. By contrast, CCR6, CCR9, CX3CR1 and CXCR4–CXCR6 bind only one ligand each. Duffy and D6 are considered to be 'deceptors', as they bind ligands but do not signal, thereby acting as a negative feedback for chemokine responses.

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