Nature Reviews Cancer Calendar 2013

One of the outstanding features of Nature Reviews Cancer is our figures. Although they are based on diagrams submitted by our authors, we take great care in making sure that the concepts that the figures aim to show are as clear and as comprehensive as possible. Indeed, given the adage that 'a picture paints a thousand words', good figures can encapsulate entire fields of cancer research without the need                                          for extensive explanations.

In our calendar for 2013, we have chosen some of our favourite figures from the past few years that sum up hot topics in cancer research. At the end of the calendar we have included some additional Reviews and Perspectives that discuss important topics related to each figure. Our calendar is freely available thanks to support from OriGene, Your Gene Company, and we hope that you find it useful.

Here's to a happy and productive 2013 and we look forward to meeting some of you at the cancer-related conferences listed at the back of the calendar.