Roles for mesenchymal stem cells as medicinal signaling cells

January 2016 Vol 11 No 1

Understanding the in vivo identity and function of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is vital to fully exploiting their therapeutic potential. New data are emerging that demonstrate previously undescribed roles of MSCs in vivo. Understanding the behavior of MSCs in vivo is crucial as recent results suggest these additional roles enable MSCs to function as medicinal signaling cells. This poster focuses on the characteristics of MSCs that have been demonstrated to be similar to those of pericytes located around the microvasculature, defined as perivascular MSCs (pMSCs).

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In the version of this poster initially published, a purple MSC1 cell in the top right-hand corner of the poster was labeled as an "Activated anti-inflammatory MSC1." This cell should have been labeled as an "Activated pro-inflammatory MSC1." In addition, the following information "DOCUMENT #900280 | VERSION 1.0.0" was later inserted at the bottom of the poster. The errors have been corrected in the PDF file as of 29 January and 16 June 2016, respectively.

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