year of physics: relativity revisited

Nature Vol. 106, No. 2677 (17 February 1921)

2005 is World Year of Physics, in honour of Einstein's 1905 annus mirabilis. In a special issue of Nature — published originally in 1921 and now available online for the first time — authors including Eddington, Weyl and Lorentz, and Einstein himself, celebrate his General Theory of Relativity.

year of physics: a celebration Free access

Nature Vol. 433, No. 7023 (19 January 2005)

In 1905, Albert Einstein submitted five papers for publication in Annalen der Physik, covering three topics: the photoelectric effect, brownian motion, and the special theory of relativity. Although diverse in subject matter, these contributions are landmarks in their field — and testament to Einstein's genius. To honour their centenary, 2005 has been designated 'World Year of Physics'. Nature joins the celebrations with the publication of this special supplement.

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