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  1. Four decades of open science

    INSPIRE, the central information resource of the high-energy physics community, pioneered the open dissemination of scientific literature. It has been evolving to keep up with the new technologies and it is not slowing down.
  2. One ID to rule them all

    Some Springer Nature journals, including Nature Physics, are mandating Open Researcher and Contributor IDs (ORCIDs) for the corresponding authors of accepted papers. We provide some context to this initiative.
  3. Deviations from 2

    Alberto Moscatelli surveys a series of experiments on the electron g-factor that marked the departure from the Dirac equation and contributed to the development of quantum electrodynamics.
  4. Meet the editors

    Like all journals based on Nature's editorial philosophy, Nature Physics relies on a dedicated team of full-time editors. We briefly describe who they are and what they do.