Figure 4 - Behaviour of the Fermi liquid parameter F0a versus inverse effective mass.

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Coulomb correlations and the Wigner–Mott transition

A. Camjayi, K. Haule, V. Dobrosavljevic acute & G. Kotliar

Nature Physics 4, 932 - 935 (2008) Published online: 26 October 2008


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a, Experimental data showing the correlation between F0a and m*. They are extracted from: ref. 8 (black circles), ref. 7 (black triangles), refs 13, 25 (violet triangles), refs 26, 27 (blue diamonds), ref. 28 (pink asterisks). b, Model calculations of the same quantity. The yellow curve corresponds to the quarter-filled case along the path marked by the arrow in Fig. 1. The blue curve shows the corresponding Mott–Hubbard results at half-filling when the on-site U is varying. The Wigner–Mott model correctly captures the experimental trend.