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  1. Posted on: 26 August 2012

    Weighing molecules 1 at a time

    Caltech-led physicists create first-ever mechanical device that measures the mass of a single molecule.

    Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
  2. Posted on: 30 August 2012

    Tiny Mechanical Scale Weighs One Molecule at a Time

    A nanometer-sized beam like this one can measure the mass of individual molecules. The insets show two different ways the beam can vibrate. Image: Scott Kelber, Michael Roukes and Mehmet Selim Hanay By Adrian Cho, ScienceNOW Like a miniscule bathroom scale

    Wired Science
  3. Posted on: 05 September 2012

    Tiny Tech, Big Story

    The Daily Scan from GenomeWeb
  4. Posted on: 08 September 2012

    Tiny scale weighs one molecule at a time

    At just a couple millionths of a meter, the device can weigh things as small as viruses, proteins and nanoparticles, helping scientists diagnose diseases and measure air pollution.

    Rethinking Healthcare | SmartPlanet

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