Figure 1 - In the MGS, intensity of each feature is coded on a three-point scale.

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Coding of facial expressions of pain in the laboratory mouse

Dale J Langford, Andrea L Bailey, Mona Lisa Chanda, Sarah E Clarke, Tanya E Drummond, Stephanie Echols, Sarah Glick, Joelle Ingrao, Tammy Klassen-Ross, Michael L LaCroix-Fralish, Lynn Matsumiya, Robert E Sorge, Susana G Sotocinal, John M Tabaka, David Wong, Arn M J M van den Maagdenberg, Michel D Ferrari, Kenneth D Craig & Jeffrey S Mogil

Nature Methods 7, 447 - 449 (2010) Published online: 9 May 2010


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For each of the five features, images of mice exhibiting behavior corresponding to the three values are shown.